5 Reasons to Have a Glass of Red Wine

I love a good glass of wine. It’s the perfect finish to a long day, a welcome addition to a meeting of friends, and the ideal complement to a deliciously satisfying meal. Wine, red wine in particular, just happens to be chalked full of healthy antioxidants and has thus been touted to lend itself to a slew of health positive benefits. Check out my list of five great reasons to indulge in a guilty pleasure that is actually good for you. 

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1. Red wine keeps you thin, trim, and racy…

The Archives of Internal medicine recently suggested that women who regularly imbibe moderate amounts of alcohol are less likely to gain weight than their non-drinking counterparts. At this point in the research it appears that alcohol speeds up women’s metabolism. Sorry guys, this metabolism boosting sidecar only applies to the ladies. So cheers ladies!


2. Red wine strengthens brain functions…

Scientists have found that red wine can actually be good for your noggin. The polyphenols in red wine affects brain functions and enhances the critical thinking and problem solving skills. Like, should I have another glass of Pinot or go home and get some sleep before my 9 A.M. meeting?


3. Red wine puts can spice up your sex life…

Leave it to some Italian researchers to discover that women who drink wine have better sex than women who don’t drink. A glass or two of wine is all it takes to increase a woman’s libido.


4. Red wine builds a strong body…

The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition published and Australian study that found the resveratrol in red wine can strengthen your bones. It’s also good for fighting diabetes and the antioxidants in red wine keep you looking fresh and young. Other benefits include cancer prevention powers and brain and cardiac protection! So yeah…I’ll have another.


5. Red wine can protect the prostate…

Researchers believe that the flavonoids and the resveratrol in red wine pack some serious prostate protecting powers. Some of the antioxidants have even been shown to counterbalance the androgens that stimulate the prostate. So here’s to you guys. Drink up!


About the author:

Sarah Swift is a freelance writer living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sarah enjoys indulging her red wine habit at a wine country bed and breakfast and lounging around Livermore day spas when her schedule permits her some much needed free time.

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