5 Tips For Making Wine At Home

5. Clean your equipment thoroughly
This is important because wine making, specifically, the process of fermentation is a chemical reaction of yeast consuming sugar to produce alcohol. If any bacteria is present, they are going to interfere with the process and spoil your wine. most wine making kits recommend using a potassium metabisulphite solution to cleanse your equipment. Make sure that you also rinse your containers out with cold water before you use them.

4. Obey Your Instructions
If you are making wine from a kit, then your kit has probably came with some instructions. These instructions are not just there as a show of faith but are crafted by professionals that have years and most likely decades of experience in wine making. If you don’t follow these instructions you are just going to produce a terrible wine that no one is able to stomach. Once you have the basics down, then you can experiment with your own recipes to make the exact blend that you want.

3. Beginners Should Use Concentrate
Concentrate is not just some thing that you do while trying to figure out a math problem. It is also the juice that you can use to make wine. Concentrate juice is better for beginners because there is always a chance that you could be introducing a foreign bacteria into your wine if you decide to use fresh grapes and mash them yourself. This juice can be purchased year round from most stores that carry the product and is a lot easier to use than fresh grapes. The only down side to using juice over grapes is that the juice concentrate is usually made from a lower quality of grape. You are possibly going to need to add ingredients to your mix if this is the case.

2. Be Patient And Taste Test
The wine making process is pretty long. This does not mean that you can just sit back and wait for your product to be done, you are going to have to taste it along its journey into wine-hood. Just make sure that your wine thief is properly sterilized before you take your samples. Your kit might tell you that your wine will be ready in six weeks but you are also going to have to use your best judgment to make sure that letting it ferment a little bit longer will improve the final product.

1. Understand The Ingredients
Smashed grapes are not the only ingredient in the wine making process. It is definitely the most important one but there are many more that can help you refine the color, odor and taste of your finished wine. There is bentonite, gelatin and egg whites that can help to filter your wine and add to its clarity. You could also add potassium metabisulphite to kill any bacteria and add antioxidants. There is an ingredient called tannin that will help to make a darker color wine. Usually your instructions will tell you more about these ingredients in detail and also let you know about the right portions to use, so you don’t ruin your brew.

One final note is that if you are just beginning the home made wine making process then you are going to need to realize that you might not get it right the first time. You might in fact create a brew that you would not want to give to your worst enemy, let alone your friends and family. If you don’t get discouraged and keep at it, you eventually perfect your craft and be able to make a palatable and delicious wine.

With these few tips you are well on your way to making a wine to call you own. Keep at it, and happy brewing.

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