5 Tips For Wine Tasting Beginners

Wine tasting tips for beginnersIf you have been thrust in the world of wine-tasting and fancy little cheeses, you might think that wine is all the same. It’s just people that want to pretend like they have something to do. Au contraire my friend! The only reason you don’t know about wine and the glorious different flavors is because you don’t know what you are missing! Don’t be intimidated when you go wine-tasting. Sure, there are many experts out there, and some of them even wine-taste for a living! Here are some tips for the beginning wine-taster.


Take a look at the wine. Before you even raise the glass to your lips, take a look of the color of the wine. Once you start tasting more wines, you will be able to tell what it will taste like by the color.

Take the glass to your nose, and take a whiff. Smell the wine and try to determine what is in it. As a beginner, the easiest scents to pick up are the fruity scents. As you get better at detecting smells, you will be able to smell flowers, woods, and spices from the wines that you will taste. One note, if alcohol is the main scent of the wine, it probably won’t taste that great. Every wine that has smelled like alcohol hasn’t been the best quality.

Swirl the wine in the glass, and take another smell. If you’ve ever seen wine experts do this, it’s because they are exposing the wine to air. Doing this will bring out other scents that you might have missed before.

Sip the wine and draw it to your tongue. Does it taste like what you smelled? Were you way off when you were smelling the wine? Does it make your mouth water and want more? Does the wine make your mouth dry? Make sure to hold it in your mouth and savor the taste of the wine.


If you want to taste lots of wines you might want to spit the wine out. Many experts do this because they want to taste as many wines as possible. If you don’t want to spit out the wine, you can wash your mouth with water and munch on french bread to help you get rid of the taste. You don’t want to be mixing the flavors of the wines that you are tasting.

The bottom line is this: have fun with wine-tasting. Tasting wine is meant to be fun. Take the time to enjoy yourself, and all of the wonderful wine that you will taste!


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