6 Wine Festivals You Shouldn’t Miss

If you are looking for some fun and adventure that will put your palate to test, then, witness some of the most popular wine festivals around the world! You will see that different regions have their own unique blend of wines to boast of, so it’s really interesting to get to know brand new cultures right by taking a glass of wine. Ready for the adventure? Read on and find out some of the most exciting wine festivals that you surely won’t want to miss.

Boston Wine Expo

Dubbed as the largest wine festival in the U.S., the Boston Wine Expo attracts thousands of visitors with the 1,800 different wine tastings offered by more than 300 international wineries. But the expo isn’t just all about drinking. If you want to be a winemaking expert, join dozens of tasting seminars to equip you with all that you need to become the best in this field.

Southern Oregon World of Wine Festival

The Southern Oregon World Wine Festival is a global affair attended by thousands of wine connoisseurs who are all eager to familiarize, if not master, the trade of winemaking and wine tasting. This year’s event holds a surprise for everyone! The Awards Dinner and the Riedel Glass Seminar are two additions in this year’s program, so any participant in the event will never regret joining.

Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

The Epcot International Food and Wine Festival runs for more than six weeks, held every fall at the Epcot Theme Park. The event highlights the best food and wines coming from 25 participating countries. You will surely behold the many amazing stuffs you will find here, including kiosks, cooking lessons, wine mixology classes and tastings sessions, plus mini-concerts to liven up the occasion.

International Pinot Noir Celebration

Oregon is fast becoming a popular wine country thanks to its pinot noirs. So, there’s really no other place to celebrate the International Pinot Noir Celebration than here, which attracts thousands of visitors to the popular Willamette Valley, a 160-mile long valley of vineyards where some of the world’s best pinots are found. The festival is held every mid-summer, showcasing some of the products coming from the most famed pinot-producing regions, including California, Burgundy, New Zealand, Australia and Italy. Winemaking seminars, vineyard tours, wine pairing meals add excitement on the event!

St. Crois Food and Wine Experience

The St. Crois Food and Wine Experience started in 2002 to hail the talents of the best chefs in St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. The event draws attentions of visitors from all over the world, with its “Iron Chef, Top Chef, Island Chef” competition welcoming dozens of the best chefs, including Kevin Rathbun, Johnny Vinczencz, and Antonia Lofaso. The annual festival serves to unite the community together to enjoy food and wine that abound in the area.


While Texas is known for its amazing barbecue recipes, it is though little known when it comes to fine wine. But wait… Texas is actually America’s 5th largest wine-producer. And GrapeFest, the Southwest’s most prestigious wine festival every September is only an affirmation that the Lone Star state is also a winemaking bigwig. More than a quarter a million people flock here every year to sample Texas vintages, including chardonnays, viogniers and merlots. The festival also features the International Wine Garden, where you can sample the best local flavors and international wine vintages. You can also satiate their quest for fun with the grape-stomping contest and a culinary pavilion where you can take a peek at cooking demos using wine and herbs.


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