Advanced Wine Making Equipment

Since by now I am sure that most of you have read all about how to make your wine at home and the basic pieces of wine making equipment that you need to get yourself a good brew going you are probably going to want to learn about the more advanced pieces of wine making equipment.

The basics include a fermenting bucket, an airlock, a carboy, also known as a demijohn, and some siphons. I just wanted to reiterate about those items, in case some of you have not been paying attention.

Which leads us to, the more intermediate bits of wine making equipment, which are, a second carboy for more filtering of the wine during the secondary fermentation process. A wine filtration system, This is great if you want to have a wine that is free of any particles. You will also need some gauges to test the temperature and specific gravity which will tell you about the alcohol content of your wine. These are a thermometer and a hydrometer, which you can make at home if you want to.

Something else that I want to tell you about that goes along with the other wine testing items that I have listed is the wine thief. This is a very simple wine tool that is used to snag a sample of wine out of the brewing process so you can test to see how far along your wine is progressing. Just make sure that like always, your wine thief is properly sterilized because you don’t want to ruin the whole batch when you are only looking to sample it. You are also going to want to get yourself a testing tube to put the wine in so you can check it for all of the various attributes that it needs to have in order for you to have the best wine that you possibly can.

If you are planning on stepping up your game in the hobby of wine making then you are going to definitely want to get your hands on these more advanced pieces of equipment. The basics are nice but if you are looking to really make a great wine, you are going to need these. So good luck and happy brewing.


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