Basic Wine Making Equipment

Basic wine making equipment for the beginner.

There are many different pieces of wine making equipment that you are going to need if you want to make your own wine at home. A few of these are absolutely necessary but you are definitely going to need the basics. The basic pieces of wine making equipment that you need are the fermentation containers, an air lock, and containers to store your wine in.

There are a lot more peices of equipment that you can buy but these are just the absolute basics that you need to get your wine making started. The additional pieces are just to make your wine perfect and make it have a great texture, taste and odor.

Fermenting Bucket

– This is the first stage in the fermenting process. It is where your yeast is going to do most of its work. It does not have to be a sealed container because your yeast are going to be a lot happier with massive ammounts of oxyen to breathe.


– This is an air tight container. It is also known as a demijohn. This is for the secondary fermentation process and has to be air tight. It should be fitted with an air lock to let the co2 from the yeast out but not let any bacteria into the mix.

Air Lock

– This was described in the previous item. It lets air out of the secondary fermenting chamber that is produced by the yeast that is consuming the sugars and excreting co2. It is similar to a water bong in the way that it works.


– This what you want to put your wine in obviously. It is the last step in the wine making process. You are also going to want to let your wine age inside of these bottles for a while to enhance the flavors.


With those four basic pieces of wine making equipment, you are going to have all that you need to start making your own wine at home. If you want to purchase wine making equipment online or just check out what you can buy through the internet you can always check out an online store right here.

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