Canadian Home Made Wine Laws

There are many rules and regulations that come with a highly regulated substance like alcohol. In canada there are liquor boards set up to protect people from getting a low quality and possibly harmful beverage.

The laws regarding making your own wine are quite simple though.

          1. You can make your own wine at home but not liquor. This is because you need a still to make liquor and is described in the Excise Act of Canada

          2. You are allowed to make wine at home as long as it is not for sale. You are allowed to give wine away, that is not a problem, but if you are thinking of making wine for resale then you are going to be busted. (Unless you are really sneaky)


Serving Your Home Made Wine

You are allowed to serve home made wine at any wedding, religious event, or family related event as long as the wine was made by a member of the family that is hosting the event. You are not allowed to charge anything for home made wine.

            P.S. These Canadian wine making laws apply to home made beer too.


This information is from the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Website.

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