Choosing The Best Water For Making Wine

It is a common thought that the most important ingredient in making wine is the grape, but it is not. The absolute most important ingredient in your wine is the humble water that you choose to make your wine with. This is even more true when you are making your home made wine from a kit. Most kits will require you to add water to the prepared ingredients.

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Water can be flavoured with whatever it come into contact with quite easily and this can lead to a change in its taste that might be disastrous when it comes down to the final tasting of your completed product.

There are several different sources of wine that you can choose from when you are making wine. Tap, distilled, bottled, spring and well water.

Tap water is clean but it has also some added ingredients such as chlorine that will ruin the flavour of your wine.

Well water comes from a deep hole in the earth and you might think that it is clean but it could carry many harmful contaminates like bacteria and iron that will ruin your final wine product. If there are farms or dumps nearby you might just be poising yourself and anyone else that drinks your brew.

Distilled water comes from any source but the process of distillation removes absolutely everything except H2O from the water which means that the minerals that yeast need to live will not be there.

Bottled water is a good choice for making wine because it has been purified but still contains some essential minerals. The down side of bottled water is that it is the most expensive source of water.

The final and best source of what that you can choose from is spring water. Spring water is the best choice because it it contains no human added chemicals like chlorine and it has been naturally filtered by the earth. The best water that I have ever drank in my life was from a Chinese food restaurant in New Brunswick That had its own natural spring out back. Spring water also is less expensive if you are buying it, but you need to read the labels carefully because some companies say that they use spring water while they are actually only using tap water. Some of my Ontario friends have noticed that a certain brand name of water has been bottled is Toronto Ontario. I personally would not trust water from a spring in the middle of a major metropolis.

So no matter what source you choose to draw from to make your wine you should know that your water should be as clean as possible to ensure that your final product can compete with any of the major producers of fine wine. If you need to filter, boil or distil your water there are many great ways to do so and you can even make home made equipment to do so.

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