Cork vs. Screw Cap – The Debate Rages On

The Tops of a Corked bottle and a Screw Cap bottleEver since modern machines have had the ability to create a screw cap for bottles there has been debate whether or not wine bottles should stick with the tried and tested method of corks to seal in their deliciousness or use the more modern screw top to preserve their whiny deliciousness.

Corks have been around since the first century BC. Proof of this discovery was found in Ephesus, where an ancient amphora was discovered sealed with a cork plug and still managed to contain wine. This means that for the past 2000 years corks have been doing a marvelous job of keeping wine safe and sound.

Cork is a natural material and comes from the bark of trees. There are many farms around the world dedicated solely to producing corks for the wine industry. This has led many environmentalists to declare that using cork, which is a renewable resource, is much better than a screw cap.

Screw caps in contrast have only been commonly used since the 1930s. They have been around much longer, but not used as much because of the cost associated with manufacturing them. Screw caps are generally made of metal and plastic which provides a seal that is not only comparable but often better than the seal which a cork stopper provides.

Although cork has been around for a couple of millennia now, many people have been affected by the effects of cork rot. This means that corks can rot through due to damp conditions and affect the wine inside the bottle. Many collectors have gone to their cellars only to find that a rotten cork has emptied the contents of a prized bottle all over their floor.

You can still find cork stoppers used extensively throughout the world on many high-end wines. This is due to the fact that many wine connoisseurs are traditionalists and don’t want to change their favorite product at all. Screw caps are also found around the world but mostly on less expensive brands of wine because of the inexpensive nature of the screw cap.

Now I am not going to pretend that I know which method of sealing wine in the bottle is better, but what I am going to say, is that either one will work perfectly fine. If you are a wine drinker then you probably have a preference already and nothing I can tell you will change your mind.

Wine bottles with a screw top and a cork.

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