How To Clarify Wine With Bentonite

To clarify your wine you are first going to want to make sure that the fermentation process has completely stopped. You then need to siphon your wine into another carboy. Make sure that you do not pick up any of the sediment from your first carboy. This is called racking the wine.

If it does not do a good enough job then you can always use bentonite clay. The particles in your wine will stick to the clay and pull them down to the bottom of the carboy.

If you do choose to use bentonite clay then you are going to have to mix it with water and stir it until it becomes a very uniform mixture. You can do this by adding one ounce of the clay to twelve ounces of water. You are going to have to stir and shake this mixture for a few days for it to be perfect.

Once you have your clay and water mixed then you are going to want to add your mixture to one pint of wine that you have siphoned out of your carboy. Stir the wine and the clay mix together then pour it back into your carboy. Swirl this mixture into your wine as best as you can. Don’t worry because the wine is going to look worse than ever, but all of this will settle to the bottom of your carboy and you can just siphon your wine into a fresh carboy.

If this does not do the job that you require, you can always just swirl the wine around and stir up the sediment at the bottom and repeat the waiting process. I would not recommend leaving the clay in your wine for longer than a month. This is because it could start to affect the flavor of your product.

By this point your wine should have perfect clarity and will be ready for bottling and corking.

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