How To Oak Your Wine At Home

Oaking wine is simply the process of adding an oak flavor to wine during the fermentation process. This is commonly done by wine producers that are looking to enhance the flavor of their wine.

To achieve an oak flavor in your own home made wine, you can either get your self a new oak barrel or add oak chips or powder to the brew. You are going to want a new oak barrel because after the oak barrel has been used several times to oak a wine then it is going to lose its flavor and is going to take longer to oak your wine or possibly not at all.

Chips of oak are another way that you can add flavor to your wine. These are are not the fastest way of getting the desired results but they are a whole lot quicker than putting your wine in a barrel to sit. This is faster because of the surface area of the oak chips compared to the surface area of the oak barrels. One disadvantage to adding chips to your wine is that they are pretty hard to get out of the carboy after you are done fermenting your brew.

The fastest way by far to oak your wine is by adding an oak powder to the mix. This is quick but it is also a lot easier to add too much of this ingredient and over oak your wine. It is also difficult to remove all of the sediment that the oak powder adds to your wine.

If you are using chips or powder, remember that you can always add more to the mix and not take it away. So be slow to add ingredients and your wine will taste professionally oaked.

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