Top 5 Places to Find the Best Deals on Wine

If you were to pick the best places to get the best prices for wine, what would your list look like? How would you pick the “who is who”, and what would you consider before putting together your list of the top 5 places to find deals on wine? Not an easy task, but what needs to be done has to be done. Here is a list of the top five places to look out for when you are searching for the best offers on wine.

1. K&L Wine Merchants: With a reputation of serving wine lovers for over 30 years, K&L Wine Merchants are in both brick and mortar and online markets. They offer you the most competitive prices for wines sourced from across the globe. You can also find out from K&L how many bottles of your preferred wine or any other wine for that matter is still in stock. This way, it’s pretty easy to stock up on what you need in the next few weeks.

2. Appellation America: Appellation America is an online store that sources its wines from over 120 wineries. It doesn’t get better than this! If you are looking for any fine wine, this is the place to visit. Merlot, Sauvignon, and any other, you can be sure that Appellation America have it in stock. And the prices are good too.

3. Brown Derby International Wine Center: If you are looking for great wines like the Diebolt-Vallois de Blancs Champagne and Copain Syrah, you can get great offers from Brown Derby. Brown Derby sources its wines form around the world and operates both brick and mortar and online wine stores. So, if you are in Missouri, you can get very good bargains on Californian wine from the Brown Derby International Wine Center. Note also that majority of the best and fast selling wines have been marked so that you know how many bottles are in stock.

4. Avalon Wine: For wine lovers looking for the best wines from Washington and Oregon, Avalon Wine is the place to get them. With wines from great producers like Beaux FrÈres and Leonetti Cellar, this online wine shop stocks only the very best. The better news is that Avalon Wine also stocks amazing wine from budding producers who are not yet well known. This leaves you spoilt for choice! You can also join the Avalon wine clubs to get even better bargains on the best wines.

5. Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants: These wine merchants have the reputation of finding the most difficult to find brands of wine. With both brick and mortar and online operations, Twenty Twenty Wine Merchants will find the exotic Cabernet, the 1995 Dennis Mortet Clos de Vougeot and similar fine wines just for you.

Well, that’s my list. And yes, it’s very tough to pick the best. But sometimes, you have to focus on what you are looking for and shut everything else out. Never mind that every store online or brick and mortar, is positioned to serve a particular niche. As it is, even though there are millions of reputable wine shops where you can find great wine bargains, we have only 5 slots to populate with the best wine merchants. Of course, you agree. Don’t you?

Author bio: Berito Gichimu writes on various issues, including food and wine. He contributes to websites, blogs, print and other media around the world.

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