What Is A Campden Tablet?

A campden tablet is a product that is designed to kill any bacteria that occurs during the wine or beer making process. Campden tablets are also known as potassium or sodium metabisulfite. They can also be used to remove any chlorine from drinking water.

This product comes in tablet form because it is a lot easier for the wine making beginner to measure out the right amount that they are going to need to kill off any bacteria and wild yeast that is occurring in their wine.

If you are using campden tablets in your brewing you have to be careful with them because they will also kill any yeast that is in your product.The average ratio of tablets to wine that you are going to want to use is one tablet per gallon.

You can also use campden tablets to stop the fermentation process after your yeast have done all of the work that you want them to or if you are possibly making a wine with less alcohol.

These tablets are named campden tablets because they originated from the town of Chipping Campden is Gloucestershire in jolly old England. The original solution was first developed in the 1920 by the Fruit and Vegetable Preserving Research Station which is now called Campden BRI.

Also, Campden tablets are also used to neutralize the effects of tear gas. So be sure to bring your wine making ingredients to the next riot that you attend and your eyes will never tear up.


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