Why Does Wine Taste Better With Age?

Many millions of dollars are spent every day in the pursuit of finding the oldest and best wine that a wine connoisseur can taste. These people have perfected the art of turning old wine into a valuable commodity based purely on its age and rarity. This luxury item is designed by the master wine makers to age beautifully over decades and slowly turn into a true work of art.


Wine does taste better with age for one specific reason; tannin. Specifically, the loss of tannins over time. It is the levels of tannin that are exclusive to red wine that gives your mouth a dry feeling, similar to drinking a very strong tea. Over several years of storage at cellar temperatures, the tannin levels slowly decrease, which leads to a sweeter wine that leaves the taster with less of a dry feeling.


Modern wines are generally mass produced and the manufacturers know that their wines are not going to be kept at the optimum cellar temperature of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is why most wines do not age as gracefully as a wine that has been created with the forethought of several decades of ageing.


So that is why wine tastes better with age. If you don’t believe me, you can always go to a high end restaurant, talk to the sommelier about what they have to offer and order yourself a couple glasses to compare their tastes.

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