Wine For Father’s Day – Gift Ideas

Father’s day is coming – and what better way for your dad to celebrate his accomplishments than to let him indulge in his favorite wine! If you’re (or your brother/sister is) underage, there are also wine-related gifts that you can give to your dad this father’s day! Here are a couple of great gifts to choose from!

Wine Stopper Sets – Wine stopper sets come with corkscrews, wine charms, and of course, the bottle stoppers. There are sets of wine stoppers available in different stores – each has it’s own theme for a specific occasion such as Christmas and Halloween. Look for a set that would look great for Father’s day! If you or one of your brothers/sisters are too young to buy wine for your dad, then this is a perfect gift!

Wine Coasters and Caddies – There are a lot of wine coasters and caddies available out there – made from different materials to achieve a certain, classy look. There are caddies that are made of silver and there are coasters made of glass. Pick which one would look great for the bar in your house, or your kitchen counter top. You can ask mom for advice on this one!

Flasks – It’s the perfect holder for adult drinks and there are flasks made specifically for men. These collectibles are a classic gift to men, dating back decades ago. If you want to go classy and classic this father’s day, then this is the gift you are looking for. Who knows – you might end up making your dad start a wonderful flask collection!

Wine Sets – You can also buy your dad wine sets – it’s the men’s counterpart for your mom’s tea sets. The set includes a wine bottle, and 2-4 champagne glasses, depending on which store you’re buying. Like the coasters and caddies, these sets have different styles so you have to ask your mom again for advice – just make sure it isn’t too girly or anything. Remember that it is a father’s day gift!

Wine – This one is probably the hardest to buy. Wines are appreciated based on personal preferences so you have to do your research about dad’s favorite wines in order to make him like what you’re getting. If you failed to find out what dad likes, then you should ask mom for some tips (though there’s a chance that you’d get an angry scolding as a reply, if she doesn’t want your dad to sip alcohol).

Other Accessories – If you’re running on a tight budget, you can buy him wine accessories instead! Wine drop catchers are smaller than coasters and prevents mess on tablecloths twice as much. There’s also an inflatable wine bottle bag for sale. These bags are perfect for those barbecue trips to a distant beach or camp.


Wines are a classy way to let your dad relax and enjoy his father’s day – whether it’s a barbecue party or just a fancy dinner, I am certain that he’ll enjoy your gift. Good luck with your shopping and Happy father’s day to your dad!

Author Bio: Therese Shaw is a freelance writer who occasionally writes for, an online store that sells candelabras and other wedding gift items. When not working, she enjoys writing reviews about food and wine as well as cooking.

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