Wine for Women

According to The Wine Institute, the United States hit an all-time high record for wine shipments in the year 2011.This record made America the World’s Largest Wine Market, with the total wine sales rising up to 347 million cases. These sales were an increase of 5.3% from 2010. Therefore, these figures show that wine is a part of most people’s daily lives, both in the US and other parts of the globe.


Out of the 347 million cases of wine sold in 2011, an estimated 64% of wine consumers were women. This is despite the fact that vintners have never focused their marketing to target women wine consumers. Women wine consumers have no particular focus on wine ratings or the processing period, which is unlike men. Women take wine as the perfect way to celebrate or even to compliment a special meal with special people. Women select their wines based on recommendations from friends. A wine for women is something to be shared in order to create a bonding moment with people who matter to them. This is quite the opposite for men who purchase wine to stock-up their wine cellars.


Wine Brands for Women

In the past, the wine’s market was limited to the male populace. Women were never considered part of the market equation until recently. This change occurred when vintners introduced a few wine brands specifically to cater for the female counterparts. Brands such as Mad Housewife, White Lie and Seduction emerged to capture the female wine consumers. However, attracting the attention from women lasted only for a short period. Women were given attention as potential big wine consumers and the vintners recognized this fact. That is why vintners have launched these women wine brands.


Health Benefits of Red Wine for Women

Studies and researches by nutritionists, doctors and other wellness professionals have shown that red wine has many health benefits. These benefits are for both men and women. Red wine contains substances that help prevent some cancers and other illnesses. Hence, most women prefer having red wine to having the white wine. Following are some of the health conditions that can be prevented by taking wine.


  • Breast Cancer

Some studies have shown that red wine contains substances that act as aromatase inhibitors. These compounds are used for the treatment of breast cancer. Therefore, red wine helps reduce the risk of breast cancer.


  • High Blood Pressure

Studies showed that two glasses of red wine after a meal could lower the post-meal blood pressure in people diagnosed to be hypertensive. However, excessive red wine consumption increases the risk factor of hypertension.


  • Coronary Heart Disease

Red wine has the capability to reduce the production of LDL (low density lipoprotein) cholesterol and improving the production of HDL (high density lipoprotein) cholesterol.T herefore, this wide reduces the risk of coronary heart disease significantly.


  • Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease

Research and studies show that resveratrol, a substance found in red wine (polyphenol) helps in the production of neuro-protective effects which correlates to a low risk of Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease.


  • Lung Cancer

Red wine has antioxidant components,which help in reducing the risk of lung cancer infection. A glass of wine consumed each day translates to about 2% reductions in the risk of someone suffering from lung cancer.


  • Pregnancy

Drinking red wine or any alcohol when a woman is pregnant can have contrasting results, as different studies have shown. Some studies show that pregnant women who occasionally drink red wine deliver babies that have no birth defects. Other studies show that drinking red wine while pregnant results in birth defects (the worst defect is the FAS or fetal alcohol syndrome) in the newborn baby. As a rule, pregnant women are advised to abstain from any alcohol intake during the entire pregnancy period. Giving birth to a healthy child should be a woman’s greatest concern during her pregnancy.


Wine for Socializing

The most common and effective tool for socializing among women is through a glass of wine. Business deals and contracts are usually made after a bottle of wine is shared by the business parties. For most women, drinking wine has become part of the job requirements especially if the job requires interacting with the customers and clientele. After a week long discussion over business propositions, a toast for a job well done just has to be made.


Effects of Wine

As most studies would show, when red or white wine is taken in moderation, it could have more beneficial effects than ill effects. A man should know that the allowed serving for wine per day is a maximum of two glasses. Likewise, a woman should know that only one glass of wine per day can give beneficial effects. Taking wine in amounts larger that these limits would not be helpful. Consuming too much alcohol for a long period could result into addiction. A higher risk is the presence of fat in the bloodstream. This is because elevated serum triglycerides are caused by drinking of more than 3 glasses of wine almost every day.


Women with other health conditions such as liver diseases, uncontrolled depression, pancreatitis or unregulated hypertension are advised not to consume red or white wine or any alcoholic beverage. Consuming these alcoholic beverages could worsen such health conditions.


While there are proofs for the many health benefits derived from either red or white wine, doctors are still discouraging men and women from habitual and excessive drinking. The doctors say that such consumption can have harmful effects on an individual’s health.


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