Wine Making 101: A Guide For The Amateur Wine-Maker

If you are wondering about how to make red wine, you have landed on the right place. The process of making red wine is described in detail, yet in a very simple way in the following points:

1. The foremost step for making red wine is to ensure that you harvest red wine grapes at the right time in order to get the right balance of acids and sugar from them for making the wine. For this, the grapes have to be perfectly ready to be plucked which means that not only should they contain enough sugar level to be considered as being ripe, they should also have the desired amount of alcohol content as well as acids.

2. The next task is to de-stem and crush the grapes so as to expose the fruit juice to the yeast for the process of fermenting. In addition to this, the grape skins should also be put into the mixture as they would do their part of imparting colour to the wine. All of this is to be done in the primary fermentation stage.

3. For the fermentation, a process of around 3 to 4 weeks, the mixture should be placed in a fermentation vat where a specific type of yeast can be added into it so as to convert the sugar of the grapes into alcohol.

4. It is totally upon the wine maker to decide the amount of time that has to be allotted to the mixture of grape juice and solids to sit, pick up flavour, colour, and tannin. A very long fermentation period would make the wine bitter, while too little time would make it thin. The temperature set during this stage also plays a crucial role in affecting the wine’s colour and flavour.

5. It is important to push down the fermentation proceeds (skins and other solids) that float up during the fermenting stage so as to build on the wine’s colour and flavour. Once the desired colour of the red wine is obtained, the fermentation can be brought to a stop. It also has to be ensured that the completed wine settles down at the end of this stage and is free of any residual

6. The next step is the aging process of the wine which can range from 9 months to 2 years. During this phase, the wine is stored in barrels to entice it with the right amount of zest and flavour.

7. Once you get the desired flavour of red wine, the aging process is to be stopped and filtering of the wine should be started in order to purify the liquid from any unwanted residuals.

8. Lastly, the wine is to be bottled and stored appropriately. Although red wine should preferably be stored for several years or a minimum of six months before drinking, there s no harm in indulging it without waiting for so long. However, the taste of the wine is likely to get finer with time.

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Laura Brown is an excellent winemaker who has studied and experimented with several different types of home made wines for more than two decades. She resides with her husband on a farm in the rural south where they grow much of the ingredients they use to make their home made wines. She tells of her home made wine making journeys in the published book “Make Tasty Wine” which is a “great read” for anyone who wishes to make their own flavorful and delicious wines.

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