Wine Making Equipment

As any home wine maker will tell you there is nothing quite as rewarding as brewing your own wine from the comfort of your own home. It is even more rewarding when you realize that your friends and family are not just complementing you to be nice, but they are coming back for more and asking you for bottles to take with them.

Making your own wine from home is not a hard thing to do and there are many kits that you can buy to make this whole process even easier. Before you buy one, you are going to want to read some reviews about it, ask questions about how good it is and ask about other people experiences with it. There are many pieces of equipment that come with a wine making kit, so I am making this website to let you all know about exactly what you are going to want your winemaking kit to come with.

The main wine making equipment that you are going to find within these kits are, a carboy, a fermenting bucket with lid, a spigot, a bottle filler, some tubing, a stopper, a wine thief, a siphon tube, an airlock, a hydrometer, some sanitizer, and a thermometer.

These are the basic pieces of wine making equipment that you are going to need to successfully brew your first batch of homemade wine.

The carboy is a glass jug that the finished product goes in and you fill your bottles from it. The carboy is also known as a demijohn. The fermenting bucket is exactly what it sounds like, a bucket to ferment your wine in. The spigot is used for filling the bottles and the bottle filler is for making sure that you fill your bottles with the right ammount of wine. The stopper and the airlock, which is also known as a fermentation lock, is to keep bacteria out of the carboy that could turn your wine into vinegar.

The wine thief is a device that is similar to a turkey baster. It is used for removing samples of wine from the fermenting containers for testing and sampling. The hydrometer is a tool used to measure how much sugar is in your wine. The sanitizer is there to help you clean your equipment and the thermometer is there for obvious reasons. Temperature, if you cant figure it out.

You can also buy wine making kits with all of the ingredients that you need to make the wine. This is usually a juice concentrate made from grapes or fruit. They can also come with yeast, pectic enzymes, acid blend, tannin, and campden tablets. With your newly acquired wine making equipment and these ingredients you are going to be able to start creating your own wine right away.

The wine making kit also comes with a set of instructions. These guides are witten by professionals and they know exactly what to do in order to create the best wine possible. If you don’t follow these instructions as precicesly as they are written then you are probably going to fail. It is a harsh truth but a necessary one if you don’t want to get discouraged. If, for what ever reason, your kit did not come with instructions then I suggest that you use the internet to find some. There are many good guides on here and I am planning on writing my own, so check the links for more info.

Once you have your kit you are going to need to find a place to set it up. If you have a big kitchen then you can hijack some of the counterspace and work on there but if not, the basement or garage or even a corner of your bedroom will do. Just make sure that the ambient temperature of the location that you choose is not too cold because the yeast prefer to work in a warmer temperature.

The wine making kits do not come with bottles but these are easy enough to find at your local liquor store (ask the manager) or you can buy them for twenty five cents each from an online store or a local wine making store.

Now that you know exactly what you need to make your parties even better you can get out there and impress everyone with your own locally crafted home made wine.

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