Wine Making Ingredients

Wine making ingredients are varied and abundant across almost all regions of the planet. You can use almost any thing to make wine that you can think of, with in reason that is.

The most common ingredient that people make their wines out of is a wine grape or (Vitis Vinifera). You can tell by the name, that people knew that this species of grape only had one use, and that was to make wine. If you tried eating one of these grapes im pretty sure that you would not like it.

The other key ingredient of wine making is the yeast. This single celled organism is responsible for consuming the sugars that occur naturally or are added to your wines to produce alcohol. As with the grapes this organism comes in many different species that are chosen depending on the type of wine that you want to create.

I have compiled the list below so you know the basics of what you are going to need to brew your own wine.

Fruits or Vegatables – The most commmon ingredient in wine is the grape. There are specific species of grapes that are only for wine making and don’t taste very good if eaten raw. You can also make your wine out of vegetables or even flowers if you really want to.

Yeast – This is a living organism that breaks down the sugars in your wines into alcohol. This is they key ingredient any any alcohol based drink. There are specific kinds of yeasts that you can use if you want to create a specific wine such as a Chablis or a burgundy. If you are not that advanced in your wine making or are just starting out you can use baking yest. You can also buy specific wine yeast.

Sugar – This is what the yeast breaks down into alcohol. You can use any kind or sugar. Household table sugar is good. The ammount of sugar directly correlates to the ammount of alcohol in your wine. You don’t want to use too much because the yeast can only process a certain ammount.

Yeast Nutrient – You are going to want to add yeast nutrient in wines where vitamins and minerals will be lacking, such as flower wines.

Yeast Energizer – Because yeast is aliving organism, it requires vitamins for good development, just like me and you. This will aid greatly in the fermentation process.

Grape Tannin – This is used to prevent the wine from spoiling and is also used to give the wine more body. Most fruit contains tannin but it is usually not enought to affect your wine. Grape Tannin Should be added before you ferment your wine because if you add it later in the process that wine could turn out hazy. Some people have had success using strong tea as a substitute for grape tannin.

Acid – This is used to add a limey flavour to your wine. You can use any kind of citric acid like lemons.

Pectin Enzymes– These are used to clarify your wine. They do this by breaking down any glutinous matter that may be present in the fruit that you use to make your wine.

Campden Tablets – These are tablets that are used to kill off any wild yests and bacterias that are infesting your must. You could also use these tablets to create a sterilizing solution.

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