Wine Making Process

The wine making process has been around since around five thousand B.C. and this is because it is quite easy to gather your ingredients, process them in their raw form and create your own great tasting wine with very little effort. This process starts with harvesting the grapes and ends with you enjoying the final product a few months later.

During the harvest the grapes are chosen and placed onto containers. After all the grapes have been harvested the next step is to crush them. This is traditionally done by stomping on the grapes with your bare feet. Thankfully, there are machines to do the work, which adds a higher level of sanitation to the whole process.

This is the time that wine makers choose whether they want a red or a white wine. Red wines are created by leaving the crushed grapes to soak up the color of the grape skins. If a white wine is what the wine maker wants, then he will quickly separate the juice from the skins.

Next comes the primary fermentation stage. During this stage, the added yeast will transform most of the sugars in the juice into alcohol. This step takes around one to two weeks. The wine is then transferred to secondary containers for the second stage of the fermenting process. During this secondary fermenting stage the wine becomes clearer. Transferring the wine helps to remove sediment and and particles that my be remaining in the wine.

The next step in the wine making process is the aging of the wine. This is done in several different containers. You can age your wine in oak barrels, glass, ceramic, stainless steel containers and wine can even be aged in the bottle.

The aging process varies from a couple of months up to and beyond twenty years depending on what you are trying to make.

Now that you know exactly what you have to do to easily make your own wine you can just buy some equipment online and get started right away.

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