Wine Making: Take the Step Toward Small Business?

For many, the art of wine making is simply a hobby and yes, it does come in handy when giving gifts. Although friends and family love the aroma and taste of your wine, does that mean you should consider selling it? Well, not so fast. Just like it takes patience and a few months to make wine, it takes patience to begin the process of selling your wine.


Wine making kits are great for getting started and seeing the process of making wine. However, these kits are not enough to get started in the wine business. It takes quite a bit of financial investment that a lot of people are not prepared for.


When many people decide that entering the business is not for them, it is when they find out all of the legal processes they will encounter. A license and permit at the state and federal level are required. For those who are discouraged by this, perhaps it is best to hire somebody who focuses solely on the legal aspect of your business. But just because he or she will be the expert in this area does not mean that you should not be involved. It is important to know everything that goes on in your business because ignorance will not when any legal battles.


After diving into the legal aspect of your new business, you will want to develop a brand personality. What type of person do you honestly see falling in love with your wine? Take this person and try to figure out what is important to him:

  • What does this person do in his free time?
  • Who moves about in his closest social circles?
  • Where does he spend the majority of his time?
  • When would this person enjoy a glass of your wine?

Giving your wine a personality makes it easier for consumers to relate and this is the key that many start-up businesses do not take the time to think about and where you will be a step ahead of everybody else.


Now that almost everything is in place, the next question you need to ask yourself is how are you going to market your wine? You have already determined what type of consumer will purchase your wine so now it is important to determine what marketing tools would be best for that type of consumer. For starters, having a website is ideal. Consumers are always seeking information so they will want to know about your product, what makes it different from others, and also be able to find this information easily. Choose a web address that is easy to remember. Domain names for small businesses can already be taken so it is important to search and find what is right for you. Social media is also important and a great marketing tool when the advertising budget is really small. Local wine competitions can help spread your name as well.


Starting a business can be difficult but with hard work and determination, you can share the joy that your wine brings to friends, family, and now with others who share your passion of wine while also making money at the same time! If things become stressful, just take a step back, enjoy a glass of wine, and remember that your businesses is not about stress but enjoying the good life.


Author Bio: Katei Cranford is a freelance writer and house-party sommelier who never met a Pinot Nior she didn’t like.

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