Winter Wine Making – What To Make And How To Cope

Ice Wine Frozen GrapesSo you are getting yourself ready for a long, cold winter. Your wines are safely stored and ageing nicely but what do you do now? Perhaps you should get yourself a winter hobby, or maybe you could keep creating wines while not freezing your butt off in the frozen, leafless outdoors.

First things first, lets talk about ice wine. Ice wine is made with grapes that have been allowed to freeze on the vine before they have been harvested. This makes and excellent wine and does not require much more work than making regular wine. If you are fortunate enough to get your hands on some of these prized grapes, then you can make a fine ice wine for yourself.

Ice wine is only one thing that you can do during the long months of winter when you should be hibernating. Another fine wine related activity that you might want to consider while you are trapped indoors by all of the snow and ice is to do more reading about your favorite subject. I think that it is safe to assume that your favorite subject is wine making and if that is true you don’t need to worry, because there is an absolute mountain of information on the subject. You can easily find some great info about the subject at your local book store or even better than that, you can compile all of the Internets best content and absorb it all to ensure that you are going to be a better winesmith next year.

Once you have mastered the art of making ice wine and read everything that you can about the subject, you may find that it is time to find something new to occupy your time. Once you have hit this level of wintery boredom, you are going to want to consider making wine from kits. Kit wine is really not as horrible as some of the wine snobs claim that it is. I’m taking a sip of kit wine right now and…


Yummy. I promise. Just joking. It is really good if you know what you are doing. I assume that you took my previous advice and you have read every scrap of information about making wine so by this point in the chilly season, you should have also mastered the art of making kit wines. So get to crafting and you will entertained for the rest of winter.

So, if you are a proper wine nut you know exactly how you are going to spend your winter and you don’t need me to tell you anything. If however, you find yourself with out inspiration, and need of a pick me up, you can just go tobogganing . It has nothing to do with wine, unless you make it have something to do with wine.


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